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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Summer Budget Sheet for Law: International Human Rights.

Summer Budget Sheet for Law: International Human Rights
Summer Budget Sheet for Law: International Human Rights
Budget Item CatholicU Students
Total: $0.00

This student budget includes the most accurate current estimates of actual costs.  Actual costs will depend on flight costs, personal spending habits, housing choices, and the foreign exchange fluctuation. Should there be any substantial changes to this budget, all applicants will be notified immediately.
Tuition and Fees: Cost Range
Application fee (nonrefundable) $100
Tuition ($1,000 per credit, 4 credits) $4,000
Program Fee (includes insurance) $475
New student fee (non-CUA students only) $200
Travel and Living Expenses: Cost Range
Accommodations in Catholic University Rome Center (CUA-arranged housing fee is pending finalization. It is currently estimated to be between €1,050 and  €1,155; a light breakfast is included in the fee.) $1,312.50 to $1,443.75*
Meals, Personal Expenses, Sightseeing $840 - $1,260**
Course Materials (books, photocopies) $200 - $300
Airfare $1,000 - $1,350
TOTAL Cost Range $7,929 - $8,929
*Approximate, based on currency exchange rate of $1.25 per €1. Students who arrange their own housing may pay less or more for housing, depending on the arrangements they select.
**Because students are responsible for these expenses, they may be higher or lower depending on your personal spending habits. The lower end of this range estimates that a student will spend $40 per day for 21 days; the higher end of this range anticipates daily expenditures in the range of $60 per day.

Applications and the nonrefundable $100 application fees, are due by March 6th, 2016 or until the program reaches maximum capacity.

Registration deposit, in the amount of $500, is due Friday, March 18, 2016. Note that class preferences and housing accommodations are determined by order of deposits.The deposit is refundable until 11:59 p.m. EST Wednesday, March 23, 2016 after which it is entirely nonrefundable. The deposit will be applied to the Program Fee.

Financial Aid - Students must enroll in a minimum of 3 credits to be eligible for financial aid. Catholic University law students should plan to meet with our Financial Aid Director, David Schrock (, as soon as possible to discuss their plans with him. Law students from other law schools should consult their school's financial aid office as soon as possible to determine what assistance may be available.

The Summer 2016 book list will be made available to enrolled students in early April to allow sufficient time for students to seek the lowest cost options available. To keep book costs to a minimum, students are encouraged to purchase used textbooks as early as possible.

Metro Students
Tuition rates and program fees may vary for students enrolled in the CUA Metropolitan School of Professional Studies. Please contact the Office of Education Abroad for more details.